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Transforming Savadeck's brand identity through logo redesign, website development, and dynamic marketing, fostering their growth as Serbia's leading name in quality decking materials.

Knap Suits

Crafted Knap's full brand identity, encapsulating the essence of 'Perfect Fit' for high-end, made-to-measure men's suits, including naming, logo, and comprehensive branding materials.

Explore the visual transformation of's website through our unique illustrations and logo design.

Dev Break

A unique tech retreat blending a conference, team getaway, and outdoor concert at a historic château, connecting 700 professionals with leading tech insights.

Paris Musically

Showcasing Paris's musical scene, our studio created a unique website with a visual identity and a user-friendly booking system for an immersive cultural experience.


Revolutionizing Zee agency's branding in Paris, we crafted a unique, visually stunning identity that encapsulates their independent spirit and dedication to innovative, trend-resistant design.

Ankh Jewelry

Experience the distinct branding and packaging of Ankh Jewelry. Ankh Handmade Jewelry is dedicated to creating one-of-a-kind necklaces and bracelets using exquisite precious and semi-precious gemstones.

Plod Rakija

Elevating Rakija Plod with a bespoke label and branding design, reflecting the artisanal essence and premium quality of this organic William pear rakija.


Our studio designed a bespoke logo and website, reflecting their artisanal excellence and the timeless elegance of their handmade leather accessories.

Pcelica honey

Celebrating education in design, Pcelica Honey features informative labels with intricate bee illustrations, uniquely numbered jars, and a multifaceted logo symbolizing the essence of nature and learning.


A bespoke logo and visual design reflecting their Parisian blend of creative intuition and professional discipline, embodying the collective's artistic spirit.

The Secrets

Designing for 'The Secrets': An exclusive Belgrade party series. We crafted captivating posters for the entire second season, enhancing the allure of its invitation-only, secretive events.

Revitalizing's brand identity: Over four years, we crafted a comprehensive suite of designs, from illustrations to landing pages, solidifying their stature in the European tech recruitment market.


We've designed the logo and packaging for Zest Cranberry Juice, encapsulating its refreshing tartness and health benefits in a vibrant design that stands out in the beverage market.


Discover a distinct logo and essential brand guidelines we've made for Amsterdam's Skinsideout, elegantly reflecting their holistic approach to wellness and internal health.


For Pecorino, an Italian restaurant in Kraljevo, our creative fusion of modern and traditional elements shines in the unique logo, exterior advertising, and bespoke menu design.


We've designed the logo, app, and website for Polyvox, a groundbreaking language learning app launched on Kickstarter, featuring interactive robot dialogues for an immersive learning experience.

House smart

House Smart, a boutique real estate agency in Lisbon, now boasts our custom branding and web design, catering to expatriates' property and relocation needs in Portugal.


Sidza, Kraljevo's non-commercial newspaper, features our logo design, capturing the city's rich stories and community spirit, free of politics and supported by donations.

Hotel Alfama

Hotel Alfama in Lisbon unveils our branding identity, inspired by panoramic city views, featuring distinct, comfortable rooms and a rooftop terrace for a memorable stay.

Motor Village

We've designed a poster series for Paris' Motor Village showroom, showcasing Alfa Romeo's historic race cars like the 6C and 8C, symbols of racing legacy and engineering prowess.


Momentum NFT's new branding identity, UX/UI, and web design, crafted by our studio, spotlight 'Emotional Sports Moments' NFTs in collaboration with renowned entities like The Nelson Mandela Foundation.

14 Years of Creation, 80+ Satisfied Clients • 14 Years of Creation, 80+ Satisfied Clients •

14 Years of Creation, 80+ Satisfied Clients • 14 Years of Creation, 80+ Satisfied Clients •